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      My Name is Milind Shirsath. I am doing Business of Social Media Advertising and Marketing. My website is www.nashiknews.website . I have made a NEWS website for my city Nashik which is Near Mumbai and Pune city, State Maharashtra. My Aim is to produce a website where reader and viewer (for watching news) both are in one place. So I have done it at my level and I found that this is a First website where we can do both the things i.e. read and watch TV news. Our News coverage includes all the news i.e.  Nasik City’s Local Cable News, Maharashtra State’s Marathi and India’s  Hindi News. So there is a lot of choice to choose for reader to read the news and to watch the TV News Channels. On my website we produce Nashik City’s Electronics media news, Cable News channels, Nashik News from Nasik’s Newspaper, Maharashtra State News from Marathi Newspaper, Marathi TV News from Marathi TV News Channels of Maharashtra, Hindi News from India’s National Hindi Newspapers and to watch Hindi News from National TV, TV News Channels are there.  And Also for YouTube watchers there are Technology and Health channels available. On YouTube News Channels all types of NEWS are found at one website. 
Nashik News is an Independent News agency. They are promoters of free news. The channel is not funded by any corporate agency or politician so Nashik News is known for unbiased and true news.

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Shop No. 1, Takli Gaon BusStop,In Front of Mahatma Phule Statue, Takli Road, Agar Takli Gaon, Post-Gandhinagar, Nashik ,Maharshtra,India

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